You are one thing only. You are a divine being. An all-powerful creator, one with god. Within you dwells the infinite wisdom, power of the sacred creative force of all that is, will be and ever was. Create your heaven here on earth.
 Divine Path Academy
We, the founders of Divine Path of the Soul, started this organization with a vision formed from a message from Spirit. Now, as The Divine Path Academy, we are offering a complete circle of classes/workshops for Spiritual Enlightenment. All Religions, philosophies, and walks of life are welcome, diversity holds the key to gaining the knowledge of all that is! "The house must be built for all those who seek light and healing of the mind, body, and spirit”.

There are so many of us that are living our lives in darkness and ignorance. Some seek organized religion for acceptance of self and spiritual knowledge, while others seek alternative spiritual paths. What we all need is guidance and a helping hand along our journey in order to find the spiritual path that is “right” for us individually. There are a myriad of paths and they are each valid. We see the truths within all religions and spiritual pathways, it is through these common truths that we will find our way. It is through these common truths that we will find what binds us together instead of what divides us. We call this our journey towards enlightenment and it is our spiritual pathway towards the knowledge of ALL THAT IS!!

We have embarked upon this journey with the vision to help others seeking to forge their own pathways. We have laid the foundation for this light house, may it now be a beacon in the darkness for those in need. It’s light becoming brighter, the darkness pushed aside and destroyed with each and every new teacher and student entering.

If you are seeking light, knowledge, remembrance of gifts to connect yourself to that above, or just in need of a helping hand to get started on your journey towards enlightenment and or spirituality, join us. The Divine Path Academy family, are here for you and will do our best to be your guides here on earth.
Our lives, together, will be stronger and freer when we remember that we are all ONE!! The ancient wisdom religions have told us this truth for thousands of years. We are all interconnected. Souls woven together, God experiencing itself. We are the WORLD we are CREATION!! We are of no one dogma or creed, we are of all and of none. We are simply connected to all that is!!
Within each of us dwells this infinite knowledge that we all seek….we have only to go within to find it.

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If you would like to become a teacher of the Divine Path Academy please fill out the form by clicking below. We look forward to meeting you to learn what you can bring to the Academy to teach all who seek. Join us in helping those who seek guidance and uplifting their hearts to find their purpose in life. It is time to unite and be connected to all that is through knowledge and a supporting team.                                                          Click Here for the Form
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Let's build the house of light together, JOIN US!!!
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“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one, I hope someday you will join us, and THE WORLD WILL BE AS ONE”
​John Lennon
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Extra services offered- See Service page​

Some of the healing offered: 

   Past and Present Attachment Removals
Past Life Reading/Healing
  Spirit Rescue
Life Coaching (life changing)​

Reading offered:
Automatic Writing
Clairvoyant Readings
  Medium Readings
Oracle Angel Card Reading (Blue Print)
  Psychic Readings
Tarot Reading

Extra Services:
House Parties
Bridal Parties
Birthday Parties
House Clearings/Blessings
Office Clearing​​​​​
Paranormal Investigation​
Near Death Experience 1 on 1 Coaching​
Martial Art Instruction​

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